Behind the Apron

Matthew Butcher — Camp Quality Ambassador, Executive Chef

Matthew is a lad from the country who had a dream to become a chef, set out to make it happen and is now living that dream. None of that would have been possible if it was not for his family.

family means everything to Matthew. They are the people who helped him discover his passion for cooking and then helped develop that passion and turn it into a career and a life-long friend. They are the inspiration behind many of his dishes and menus. They have seen him go from the humble surroundings of country Victoria to working in and now opening some of the best restaurants all over the world.

Now that Matthew has nailed that goal, he is helping Camp Quality give kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again. Many of Matthew's dishes are inspired by his favourite childhood memories, traditional family recipes that are given a slightly quirky twist and this is an indication of how important a happy childhood is to him.

He’s dedicated to ensuring children facing cancer don’t miss out on their childhood. Combining love of family and food, Matthew founded the fundraising event with a difference: Off the Menu. Matthew and chefs from around the country generously donate their time, staff and produce to create an immersive night and curated menu in a divine setting to raise money for the cause.

In it's fifth year, and now commencing a rollout nationally, Matthew has helped to raise over $700,000. Matthew is well and truly making those happy childhood memories a reality.

"My dad has had his own cancer journey and I know the effect it had on our family. I can only imagine what the kids and their parents go through. When someone from Camp Quality asked me to join the family, I didn't think for a second. It was a straight yes. Now, here were are trying to do everything we can to keep raising funds to keep this charity growing stronger and stronger."

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