Scott Huggins

Melbourne born, and with an international career over 19 years, Scott has refined his culinary expertise whilst working within some of the world's best Michelin-starred restaurants in both Singapore and Spain.

With a passion for creating fresh, natural dishes, Scott returned to Australia in 2013, joining Penfolds Magill Estate, Adelaide.

Scott is our South Australian ambassador for Off the Menu.

Damon Amos

Owner and head chef Damon is known for his innovative, sometimes curious dishes. Damon began his career with an apprenticeship under prominent Melbourne restaurateur Robert Scheriani at Roberto's in Melbourne. Looking to escape the cold, he opted for a job in the Whitsundays, finally ending up at Cha Cha Char steakhouse in Brisbane. In 2008 Damon flew to Singapore as guest chef at The Prime Society during the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix and he stayed on as executive chef. Damon returned to Brisbane and headed up the Public before opening Detour.

Damon is our South Australian ambassador for Off the Menu.

Scott Pickett

Melbourne born Scott ‘Scotty' Picket has been in the kitchen for over 25 years. At the tender age of 18, Pickett was lauded by judge Bruno Cerdan at the Salon Culinaire international competition as 'one to watch'.

A darling on the Melbourne food scene, the Australian Good Food Guide has awarded most of Pickett's ventures with 1 and 2 chef hats. After earning 2 hats under his tenure for The Point in Albert Park, Pickett moved on to build his empire, including The Estelle , Matilda and Lupo.

Frank Camorra

Born in Barcelona and raised in Australia, it always seemed to Frank that his calling to bring the best of both together. Having cut his teeth in some of Melbourne's best kitchens, Frank travelled and worked across Spain, where the food and dining culture resonated so powerfully he knew he had to bring it back with him to Australia. The aim at Frank's MoVida venues has always been the same: to highlight and celebrate the best of Spanish produce, technique and tradition through the lens of modern Australian food culture, highlighting the amazing produce available locally with a Spanish sensibility.

Dan Churchill

Charley St was created by founder and Australian Chef Dan Churchill who has been living in NYC on the back of his media career.

In his time there he has noted the popularity of simple menu items, including avocado toast and healthy grain bowls.

Charley St is also home to Dan's Studio Kitchen, where he films regular recipe segments, records podcasts, collaborate with thought leaders and integrates with the restaurant itself.

Dane Cloustan

Dane's culinary career began at a young age when he packed up and left his home town of New Plymouth, New Zealand, to study cooking in Adelaide. He then moved to Melbourne, where he met award-winning Melbourne chef, Teage Ezard, (restaurants EZARD and Gingerboy) and in 2000, began working in the EZARD kitchen – a two hat restaurant and one of the most respected finedining institutions in Melbourne. In 2004, Dane went on to Hong Kong to open Opia with renowned restaurateur Yenn Wong at the famous JIA Hotel. In 2008, Dane moved to The Puli Hotel & Spa Shanghai as the opening Executive Chef. After four years, Dane returned to Australia and joined the Hyatt family.